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Full Feature List

Multi Tenant Blogging System Standard Features
  • Posts, Post, Comments with CAPTCHA, Tags, Categories, Links, Link Categories
  • Setup new Blog through User Registration process
  • Blog RSS

Enhanced Features
  • Additional Services/Upgrades(I.e. You can enable a user limit of 5 users per Blog and provide unlimited users for a fee)

MVC Press Administration (Global) (Multi Tenant only)
  • Add/Update/Delete Blogs (Multi Tenant only)
  • Blog Administration (Multi Tenant only)
  • User/Group Module (Multi Tenant only)

Blog Administration
  • Update/Delete Posts
  • Add/Update/Delete Tags
  • Update/Delete Comments
  • Add/Update/Delete Categories
  • Blog Settings
    • Specify Theme
  • Post Settings
  • Comment Settings

User/Group Module
  • Add/Update/Delete User
  • Add/Update/Delete Groups
  • Permissions - specify users in groups
  • User Settings

MVC Storefront for purchasing Enhanced Blog Features (Credit: Rob Conery, and on CodePlex
  • View Single Category containing additional Enhanced Blog Features that a user can purchases which will then enable the purchased feature in their Blog
  • Manage Categories(Add/Update/Delete)
  • Manage Products(Add/Update/Delete)

Error Log Module (Multi Tenant only)
  • View error log messages

Linq to SQL Log Module (Multi Tenant only)
  • View Linq to SQL queries

Resource String Module (Multi Tenant only)
  • Add/Update/Delete resource strings

Membership Settings Module (Multi Tenant only)
  • Specify Authentication System(OpenID, Active Directory, Standard SQL User Store, ASP.NET Membership) configure forms based authentication configuration settings

System Maintenance Module (Multi Tenant only)
  • Enable maintenance msg.
  • User can specify maintenance msg
  • Option to enable login access or disable login access.

MVC Press Web Installer
  • Modify web.config to add db connection string
  • Create database
  • Run db create scripts, create default data, create Roles (Administrators, Users)
  • Add the Membership tables(ASP.NET Membership tables) and specify default Authentication System(OpenID,AD,ASP.NET Membership only)
  • Create Administrator account
  • Assign new administrator account to the MTA Administrators Role

Security/Data Isolation
  • View filter pattern
  • Data encryption pattern

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